The Klein Family is a very close-knit family bluegrass band from Madison, Ohio who had never even heard of bluegrass until they took music lessons with a teacher who only teaches bluegrass.  They quickly fell in love with bluegrass music and the family atmosphere.  Sylvia sparked this all with the wonderful words, "Mama, I wanna play fiddle."  Much to her siblings' dismay, they all started music lessons only to discover they loved something they were sure they wouldn't even like.  They started playing with a bluegrass band called Young and Blue under the direction of their teacher, Rick Campbell, and continued for a few years until they branched out to play as The Klein Family.  They've played at a variety of venues, festivals, community and private events, schools, nursing homes and churches and have had their music on many radio stations.  They are a part of Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars and are very invested in the preservation of bluegrass music.  They have traveled and shared their love of Jesus, family and bluegrass all over.  As a family, they hope to play professionally as a means of serving God, blessing people and being together.  

The Klein Family