Mama always wanted the Klein children to play music.  She had this "Sound of Music" vision for their home.  Daddy wanted the children's interests to be their own.  So year after year, Mama suggested music, Daddy evaluated interest and there was no music.  Mama knew that God's hand wouldn't be on it if she went against her husband to make it happen so it remained a desire of her heart.  Finally, Sylvia said one day, "Mama, I want to play fiddle!"  And Mama jumped for joy.  Mama said to a friend, "I just wish DeAnna and Shawn Luke wanted to do this."  The friend replied, "What's wrong with you? Music is required by the state for homeschoolers."  Daddy accepted this and required the eldest children to learn music.  With much dismay, they started lessons and discovered that they loved something they didn't even think they would like.  God has grown music in the Klein Family into their calling, career and ministry.  There's no doubt it wouldn't have worked out the way it did had we not waited on the Lord to do it His way in His time.    

We play at a nursing home where our friend Ed's wife used to be.  He had moved away after she passed.  Every time we were there, we kept forgetting to ask if anyone remembered Ed and his wife.  After a couple of years, we finally remembered to ask and the answer was, "Ed's actually here.  He just came in and he's not doing well."  So we went to see him and played him music and he worshiped with us and sang with us and remembered us.  His family said he had been depressed and unresponsive.  The power of the Lord working through the music did something miraculous in that room that day.  Imagine if we had remembered to ask about him and his wife all those other times.  It would have been long forgotten but the Lord prompted us to remember to ask at His perfect time!

One day, we were at the eye doctor when a son came in with his mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's Syndrome.  She was extremely agitated and when her son tried to calm her, she flinched and started yelling, "Don't hit me!"  Now, being there, we could clearly see that this son never had and never would hit his mama, and he was at a loss as what to do.  Everyone was.  So we asked if DeAnna could sing her a song and he said that if we thought it would help.  She sang her a beautiful song but it only brought her into a calmer state of agitation.  So we thought to sing her something she would know.  She sang word for word in perfect peace, "Amazing Grace" along with DeAnna.  Her son was amazed that she remembered nothing else but these lyrics came right back to her.  Talk about Amazing Grace!

After we played at church one evening, a friend asked us to sing, "I Believe" for her friend.  Although many people were wanting to talk with us, we had a strong burden on our heart to get to her.  We almost missed her but were just in time to sing for her.  We were supposed to make it for everyone at her table so she didn't feel awkward but she knew it was just for her.  Two weeks later, our friend was crying and said she wanted to share two things with us.  She said that Jesus touched her through that song so much that she gave her life to Him and that in an unexpected freak accident, her friend died a week later.  

The day after DeAnna learned to sing "I Believe", we were at a thrift shop where we asked if we could play music to bless people.  Mama asked her to sing, "I Believe" and being unsure she knew it well enough, sang it upon being prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so.  An employee came in and was extremely taken by her singing that song.  Six months later, he told us that just before he left for work, for the first time in his life, he dropped to his knees and said, "God, if you just give me a sign, I will serve you."  He said walking in to her singing those words was his sign and he gave his life to Christ.  How powerfully God works through music!