​In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.  

Abba Father, we come to you with great fear and trembling, great reverence and honor are due to You and You alone.  You gave us this most beautiful blessing of our daughter DeAnna.  This blessing we eagerly dedicate and give back to You.  We put her in Your hands and ask You to do whatever You need to do to work in her life and bring her back to Your Narrow Path.  Convict her in heart.  Place Your servants in her path to reveal Your truths, Your love, Your standards and Your mercy to her.  May DeAnna experience true concern for Hell and what awaits those who go there.  Fill her wih the hope of Heaven and a resolve that it is worth the cost.  

In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.  

Abba Father, thank you for your servants at The Mountain of Praise Church in Delta, Ohio.  Thank you especially for the dearest sister in Yahshua who prayed so powerfully, holding nothing back.  Father, in her prayers for DeAnna, she said, "Father, show her Hell if you have to."  Father, we confirm that prayer.  We'd rather her see it than live in it.  Oh, Yahweh, please open her eyes and ears and heart and let her see that what's she's seeing and hearing and feeling is all a mockery from haSatan, her enemy, who will someday mock her when his tricks cause her heartache and harm.  Please, Father, protect her in the midst of rebellion.  Keep her safe and let nothing of permanent damage come to her.  

In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.  



Hallelujah. Lord, we come to You. You are a God that’s full of mercy. You are grace and mercy, Lord. And we call on You knowing today that You are a God who’s quick to answer, quick to respond. But, Lord, at the same time, You do it in Your way because Your ultimate plan is in line with the fact that You love Your children. You love Your daughters. So whatever it takes to bring them close to You, that they’ll live with You in eternity forever, that’s Your plan. We accept that, God, however it looks. I just lift up my sisters that hear my voice today, Lord, that they would begin to call upon You, believing, not just calling, but believing that You will answer. You will answer, not only answer, but You will answer in such a beautiful and amazing way, beyond what we could ever imagine, Lord Jesus, just like You did for me. It was way beyond what my parents could ever have imagined, Lord, and that’s how You do things. You do things in great ways, God. So Lord, I pray for faith. I pray that You’ll put spiritual steel inside my spiritual sisters to believe You. And give them joy, O God. Turn their mourning into dancing, God. Give them joy in the midst of the season as they wait for that victory to come. Not moving, God, not listening to those lies of the enemy, but trusting You that You will come through with the answer. We ask this in Jesus’ name, the One who we trust, the only One we can turn to in Your name today. We love You, and we thank You, God, that You do miracles so great. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.  


​In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.  

This page is prayers for you.  We are praying more than ever, as a family, as husband and wife and on our own.  

We are on our knees pleading for you.  As led by the Holy Spirit, we'll post specific prayers here.  

We chose a rainbow background for these prayers because the best prayers are based on His promises!

Loving thoughts and prayers for you today...
You are covered in love and in the blood of Yahshua.
In Hebrew, saying the Name "Yahweh" is the equivalent of saying, "He is."  
It is our acknowledgement that when He says, "I am", we trust that "He is."  
He is the Healer- Yahweh Rophe- "He is (our) Healer" 
He is the Provider- Yahweh Yireh- "He is (our) Provider"  
He is the Protector- Yahweh Nissi- "He is (our) Banner"
or "He is (our) Refuge" 
He is Always There- Yahweh Shammah- "He is There"  
No matter what your need, He is!  HalleluYah, HE IS!!!!!
"Yahweh watches over you—
Yahweh is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
Yahweh will keep you from all harm-
He will watch over your life."
-Psalm 121:5-7
With much ahava in Yahshua.  In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.

Regardless of how we pray, our most important prayer above all others is this:



​(Mark 14:36)




(Luke 1:38)

​In Yahshua's Name we pray.  Amein.