NO MATTER WHAT.......We will praise Yahweh.     

     NO MATTER WHAT.......We love you.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......You are wanted.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......You have a home.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......You have a family.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......We will pray for you.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......We are here for you. 

     NO MATTER WHAT.......We forgive you.

     NO MATTER WHAT.......We will continue to hope.  

     NO MATTER WHAT.......It will never be too late      

         or too long or too hard to work through this-

     NO MATTER WHAT.......this is now, has been in

         the past or ever becomes in the future.

     NO MATTER WHAT.....Our arms and our hearts    

        will always remain open wide to love you and

        embrace you.......NO MATTER WHAT!!!

NO MATTER WHAT, you can always come and check this page from anywhere you are.  We'll keep updating this for you to make sure you know how much you mean to us.  We will keep on loving you forever.  As Yahweh has loved us, we will love you.  We'll always be here.

​Always our daughter, 
you will never be forgotten or forsaken,
not by us and not by Yahshua.  
Forever yours, Your True Family

Psalm 34:1 reads, "I will praise Yahweh no matter what happens. I will constantly

speak of His glories and grace.  I will boast of all His kindness to me. Let all who are

discouraged take heart.  Let us praise Yahweh together and exalt His Name."

In the midst of creating this page for you, Yahweh gave us a sign of His promise in our backyard, the double rainbow you see here.   There was a double rainbow the day you were born as a sign of His double promise for you.  

We love you, DeAnna-



March 15th, 2018