"Mama" Liberty Klein is the most loving and supportive mother that anyone could ever ask for.  We, the Klein children, have taken over writing our Mama's bio because she would never do herself justice.  She is very humble and doesn't like to give herself enough credit, even though she deserves it. Our Mama is the reason that we are all playing music.  She has loved music from the very beginning... a love passed down to her from her father. The only thing that she loves more than a good song is God and her family.  Liberty began playing music at age 7 on the piano and continued to grow as a musician in the school orchestra, concert choir and in her high school marching band.  She first learned the 

clarinet and then quickly picked up various other woodwinds.  She has always had a vision of having a "Sound of Music" family, so when one of her children took an interest in learning to play the fiddle, she was exuberant!  Liberty began playing fiddle along with her children in 2010, and then took an interest in the cello.  Later, Mama Klein decided that the upright bass was the best way to keep us children in time:)  She has been doing so ever since. She also sings with us, and we all enjoy traveling to new places together. Thank you Mama for making our bluegrass dreams a reality!!!!!!

Mama's reply:  Thank you for being the most amazing children who have made our dreams of building a family who loves one another and serves God together a reality! I love you dearly!  You are exceptional!

Mama Liberty Klein