DeAnna Klein began playing music when she was 15 years old and once you meet her, you'll never believe she didn't want to at first.  After one lesson, she was hooked on bluegrass music and we all knew the hand of God was at work in our family.  She started on the fiddle and is now accomplished on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and upright bass.  It was at least a year after she began on fiddle that she began singing and has grown to become a phenomenal lead and harmony vocalist.  She also is a songwriter and has penned deeply powerful music and lyrics.  She is beautiful from the inside out.  Her goal is to serve God by blessing people and she has may wonderful testimonies of God utilizing her to do just that.  She taught music for several years and is an excellent teacher basing her teaching on the methods she learned under but she stopped teaching to pursue our God-given goals as a family bluegrass band.  She takes lessons from Justen Haynes, an extremely accomplished fiddler in his own right who plays with Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out.  DeAnna is mentor for Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars and she takes the role of supporting and encouraging younger bluegrass musicians very seriously.  She also has a deep love for and many years of experience with horses.

DeAnna Klein