​Daddy Chris Klein is the very blessed father of The Klein children.  Whatever it has been- from homeschooling to horses to farming to gymnastics and dance and fencing to music and beyond, he has done whatever it takes to make it happen for our children.  Everyone always asks if he plays music and the answer is, "Only in the living room for his family and only 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'"  Just kidding.  He can play, "Shortenin' Bread" too!  All kidding aside, he has become a competent luthier acquiring tools and resources and accomplishing some impressive repairs on our instruments.  He's very supportive in many ways.  If you meet him, you'll instantly feel the intense love he has for his family and when you shake his hand, you'll see how hard he works.  You'll definitely understand why when we've been apart, we all jump into his arms at once.  We can't thank him enough for being so wonderful!

Daddy Chris Klein