A realistic concern.

History provides necessary details.

Utilizes statistics to show the problem is a real concern. 

Uses a logical chain but logic may be flawed.

Organization name, website, and purpose stated. 


CCD describes a mystery in which the majority of worker bees leave the hive inexplicably.

The contrast of yellow text against a black background highlights the topic.

Bee hive shape makes it more relatable to the subject at hand.

Large photos highlight the most likely causes .

Easily visible logo.

Acknowledges the uncertainty.

Sources add credibility. 

Using a black and yellow color scheme relates to the subject. 

Shocking statistic raises alarm.

Subtitle makes it personal.

Brings it back to the audience by inspiring them to do their part to address the problem.

A logical appeal based on economics.

Appeals to logic acknowledging people's dislike of bees while stating their utility and our reliance on them.

States fruits and vegetable supply levels would be greatly affected by an absence of bees.